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  1. Do I have to Register to use this web site ?


  2. Does it cost to use this site ?


  3. How does the chat box work ?

    The chat  is seperate from the web site , you do not have to register  for chat either but it is recomended .

    I would like for you to click on your default chat name and change it to your real name so everyone knows who you are when talking .

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Patient Reports

  1. Do you know who was involved in that wreck ?

    NO.  If I did im not at liberty to disclose that information because of patient privacy.

  2. Why can't you tell me who the Victims are ?

    Patient Privacy, think about it you might not like it if it was you.

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  1. Why did you make this website ?

     I made this web site to keep you informed and to not incur any unnecessary scanner costs for you.

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